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Smoke Grenade Launcher Systems

Starting since the last quarter of last millenium, designing and serial producing of Smoke Grenade Launchers, special purposed solutions and kinds, Control and Command Systems etc. and different solutions according to needs are being manufactured to both Turkish Army and foreign projects and still producing. 

Foreign projects started since 1999 and more than 30.000ea Smoke Grenade Launchers produced. 

Some countries operating Musan Systems are; Great Britain, Belgium, Spain, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Bahrain, Philipinnes, Thailand, Slovenia, Tunisia, the Republic of South Africa, Senegal, Qatar, Uzbekistan, Peru, both directly exported or supplied to armoured vehicle manufacturers to export.

More than 20 countries and 50 NDA signed projects designing and prototypings are completed and still going on. Since 1976, Müsan Defense Systems is awarded by Turkish General Staff and Turkish Army NDA signed needed special projects awarded.


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