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Kale Quattro Composite Inc. was founded in 2018 in Istanbul, Turkey as an innovative engineering company with excellent background of design and manufacturing of advanced composites. We offer engineering solutions to our partners by participating at all stages of composites manufacturing, which range from conceptual part design to high-volume production. Our priority is to develop efficient and high performance solutions for our industrial partners and help them acquire advanced design and manufacturing capabilities.

Kale Quattro Composite Inc. aims to serve both global and domestic aerospace industry by creating added value through composite engineering and manufacturing technologies.

Our motivation is to design, analyze, test and verify composite products as well as industrialization of manufacturing processes. With this motivation, we intend to become a major role player in the composite engineering supply chain of the global OEMs.

Areas of Expertise 

  • Structural design an analysis of composite parts
  • Structural test and verification
  • Product development
  • Material and process development
  • Certification
  • Industrialization
    • — Serial production line design, automation and realization
    • — Hardware, equipment and machine preference and qualifications
    • — Process qualification
    • — Product qualification
  • Design and manufacturing of machines, equipment and tools for customized composite manufacturing applications
  • Training and consultancy


ISO 9001
ISO 27001
AS 9100
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